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Beverley has been initiated in reiki since 1999, and is a Reiki Master/Teacher. She teaches the traditional Usui and Tibetan methods, She teaches the traditional Usui and Tibetan methods and also teaches Karuna & Angelic Reiki. She also teaches Karuna & Angelic Reiki.

Reiki Course duration

All courses are over 2 days and on completion of the requirements at each level is certificated. Handouts in the form of a manual are issued to each student on their chosen course. Courses run usually from 10.00 am – 5.30 pm (12 hours minimum training) with an hour for lunch and breaks. Please check requirements at each level before applying.

Reiki I Course

Introduction to Reiki

There are no prerequisites for Reiki I and the course is open to anyone who has the desire to learn Reiki. Hands-on healing experience would be of some benefit.
First Degree Reiki is intended for self-development & for use on friends and family only. You cannot practice Reiki on a commercial basis until you reach Third Degree level. No money may be received for giving Reiki in a First-Degree capacity.
The course consists of theory covering the origins of Reiki, its history, how Reiki works, giving a treatment and hand positions, also working on plants, animals etc. There will also be practical sessions where you will be shown the Reiki hand positions and demonstrate them. Your progress will be continually monitored and a certificate will be issued on completion of the course and all requirements.

Cost for the weekend – £150.
Please contact Beverley Moore The Sanctuary for more details.

Reiki II Course

Requirements for Reiki II Course
Reiki Master/Teacher will decide when you are ready to progress to this level, but at least 6 months will have lapsed between First Degree training and commencement of this course.

You will need to hold a Reiki I certificate.
The student should be mature, responsible and experienced person who can show detachment, allowing space for healing to occur, yet empathy and compassion at the same time.

The course is held over 2 days with a minimum of 12 hours contact training. Sessions run usually from 10.00 am – 5.30 pm.
Student insurance is necessary and a qualification in Anatomy and Physiology if you wish to progress to Practitioner level. A commitment to Reiki and self-treatment is essential. A manual is provided and certificate issued on the completion of the course and case studies.

Cost of course – £250

Contact Beverley Moore The Sanctuary for more details of courses and when they will be running.

Reiki III Master/Practitioner

Requirements for the Reiki III Master/Practitioner Course:

  • Completed First and Second Degree Reiki Courses
  • A period of at least 6 months (usually 12 months) to have lapsed between Second Degree Course and Master/Practitioner Course
  • Anatomy and Physiology qualification
  • Daily Self-Treatment using Reiki & logged in portfolio
  • Have a genuine commitment to Reiki & its use.
  • 5 written Case Studies at Second Degree Level (3 treatments x 5)
  • Case studies using 6 different methods of Distance Healing ( x 3)
  • Have a treatment supervised by your Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Detailed portfolio of personal experiences with Reiki other than case studies (on-going from Reiki I)
  • Insurance at student level
  • Have practice management and communication skills (if you are not a practitioner in another therapy, these need to be covered separately)
  • First Aid Skills (Certificate needed for running a practice
  • Please contact Bev for prices of course & dates
  • Price on application

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